Lead Paint Removal from Concrete


Removal of Lead Paint from Concrete 4.03.16 PM


Lead Abatement and Industrial Deleading is a challenging job. Forced to tread carefully, abatement contractors must comply with local, state, and national regulations. Often, it’s hard to keep up with the changing laws.

Contractors can better contain operations when deleading with Sponge-Jet. Due to the pliant and porous nature of Sponge Media, abrasive rebound and ricochet are dramatically lower compared to ordinary abrasives. Sponge Media is less likely to puncture poly (or other plastic) containment; and thus, it greatly reduces containment failure and the unwanted dust migration to areas outside containment. 

If you regularly work in lead environments, you may find our Lead Abatement Pre-Job Checklist helpful.The Checklists in this series can help avoid the common mistakes that end up getting lead contractors in trouble with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.