B-VAC™ Maintenance Video Series

The B-VAC™ sponge blasting system can be maintained easily by preforming a thorough walkaround prior to the start of each blasting shift. Be sure to depressurize the B-VAC™ system prior to doing any work on the machine. 



Other Videos in the BVAC Training and Maintenance Series Include:


How to Depressurize a B-VAC™

How to Depressurize a B-VAC


Overview of B-VAC™ Control Panel and Lower Controls

B-Vac Control Pannel and Lower Controls


Filling the B-VAC™ with Sponge Media™

Filling the BVAC with Sponge Media


How To Correct B-VAC™ Media Feed Issues

How To Correct B-VAC Media Feed Issues


Overview for the Hopper, Gulper, and Vacuum Hose Used with the B-VAC™

Hopper Gulper and Vacuum hose overview


Overview of the B-VAC™ Toolkit

Overview of BVAC Toolkit


Below are videos that troubleshoot components of the B-VAC™, but are not B-VAC™ specific...