How To: Remove an Auger Jam

HowTo Removing an Auger Jam (final)

Overview of the problem:

Sponge Media when used as directed can become intermingled with foreign contamination from the blasting site, which under certain circumstances can produce feed limitation issues, such as a screw or piece of wire binding or impeding the rotation of the Auger. These Foreign contaminants must be removed to allow the process to feed media as intended.

Symptoms of the problem:

Sudden or reduced efficiency of rotation of the Auger, followed by a steady stream of air only exiting the nozzle. The inability to rotate the Auger by the Manual Rotation Knob.

Steps to fix/correct/replace:

Removal of the Auger is performed with less than 10 steps and can be completed in under 10 minutes. Never perform any maintenance or repair unless the unit is fully depressurized and isolated from its supply air source.

1. Remove cleanout cap below the auger
2. Try rocking the auger back and forth to see if the obstruction can be cleared through the cleanout cap.

If the obstruction does not fall out, the auger should be removed. This will require a 5 mm Allen Wrench.

1. Remove the auger rotation knob by pushing it in and turning counter clockwise.
2. Disconnect the green air supply tube from the Moisture Filter or the Air Motor.
3. Remove the single Allen cap screw holding the chain guard cover.
4. Remove the 4 Allen cap screws holding the auger assembly, including the Air Motor and Chain inside the housing.

When the auger is pulled the obstruction will typically come with it and fall out but also check inside the assembly for any other obstructions.

Reassemble in reverse order.

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