Soot Removal From Wood Beams

Soot Removal From Wood Ceiling Joists at City Hall Plaza


According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire fighters responded to 1.35 Million fires in the United States last year. The cause of these fires vary from grease fires while cooking to electrical overload on dated wiring. Industrial and Commercial property owners lose billions of dollars every year due to fire damage, but the majority of properties that get damaged are not a total loss. Most surfaces that suffer fire and smoke damage including brick, stone, and wood can be cleaned using Sponge Media™.

Fires cause a range of damage to wood beams. Smokes rises, which means beams several floors above the fire source can become stained with soot from the smoke. Beams closer to the fire in the building will darken from smoldering. Wood near the source of the flames will have likely ignited, leaving behind an outer layer of charred wood.