Sewer District Sludge Tank Rehab

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Abrasive blasting with Sponge Media was the right choice for the Kennebunk Sewer District job for a variety of reasons, but dust control was at the top of the list. “There were three concrete sludge tanks we needed to work on, one at a time. All three tanks are in the same area, and the tanks we weren’t working on were to be kept in service with the ventilation system on the entire time. We couldn’t afford to create a lot of dust while abrasive blasting,” said Jim Marston, president of Marston Industrial Services. 

According to Marston, using a traditional abrasive blasting media would have been more labor intensive and ultimately more costly. “Time is money, so all of the time we saved on the set-up and cleanup of the abrasive blasting portion of the job saved the Kennebunk Sewer District a lot of money. And because Sponge Media abrasive blasting doesn’t damage the concrete, we didn’t have to spend any time, money or resources on concrete repair after the blast,” said Marston.