Water Plant Case History Video

LA Water Plant Case History


Sponge-Jet was recently used on planned Water Plant maintenance at L.U.S. in Lafayette, Louisiana. The old failing coating was removed and the metal pipe exteriors were prepped for new coating. Special care was giving for sensitive meters and gauges scattered throughout the plant. Ordinary abrasives would allow for grit intrusion into these sensitive components. 

One Civil Engineer from LUS had this to say:

"Why Sponge-Jet?  This particular water plant stands in the middle of a downtown neighborhood and the pipes that run throughout the facility sit beneath several offices.  Protecting the community and our staff is of the utmost importance. We noticed the hazards of using coal slag products and immediately initiated the AB4 standard during the middle of this particular job.  Moving forward LUS has mandated that contractors use Sponge-Jet for upcoming and future projects, this includes water treatment plants and power plants.   The Sponge-Jet process surpassed our expectations.”